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January 19th – The kids were home from school all day. They really wanted to become members of Club Penguin again. The girls just started cleaning the house. They also gathered all their money together, so that they could pay for a membership. The cost $29.99. After the house was cleaned, they came and asked if they could become members. I gave in. I think it was because they cleaned the house. Without me asking them to clean. The girls were happy all day playing on the computers. They played together nicely. No fights.

Lauren gave us the lesson for Family Home Evening. For activity days, Lauren had been given some pictures, so that she could give a lesson on the first vision. She did a great job.

I’m amazed that Terran actually let me take her picture. Here are a couple of photos of Terran’s new hair cut, that she cut herself.

January 20th – Was the 100th day that Aidrin has been in school. The kindergarten was celebrating the 100th day, so they had all the children bring in a bag of something that counted up to 100.
Aidrin brought in M&M’s. She said they had a big party. They shared all the treats that were brought in.

Speaking of Terran cutting her hair. Aidrin, I guess took note that, and found the scissors. Aidrin cut a big chunk of her hair off. When I informed Aidrin that I would have to cut her hair and even it out, she was in tears. But, it all worked out in the end. We cut off about 5 inches. It turned out really cute. I’ll have to take some pictures.

Camryn went over to Kaitlyn’s with Vanessa and they had band practice.

January 21st – Camryn had her band practice at our house today. Kaitlyn and Vanessa came over. Kaitlyn does not have drums yet, but did come up with a drum set. You’ll have to see the pictures. Camryn wrote the song they are practicing. It sounds pretty good. It is coming together. Camryn is pretty amazing. She is a very determined and hardworking girl.

The band:


January Updates:

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Not a lot going on in January so far. The kids went back to school on January 5th. I think they had enough vacation, and were eager to see all their friends.

January 5th – Ric surprised me and brought home cake and ice cream for my birthday.

We also went to the library.

January 9th – We went to Red Robin for my birthday. Aidrin was so happy that they sang a birthday song to her mom. She’s all about the party.

January 12th – Ric took Camryn, Lauren, and Aidrin to Skateland for family home eveing. I had a really bad headache, and Terran didn’t want to go. So I guess it was partial family home evening. Anyway, they had a great time. Aidrin came home with some bruises. Ric forgot how to skate, and could barely help Aidrin. Lauren and Camryn just had a great time. They brought their own skates. Ric entered Aidrin in a drawing and she won a $100 gift certificate towards a birthdy party at skateland. She came home and told me that we are rich.

January 16th – We have a rabbit in our backyard. We’re not sure how it got there. We live in a neighborhood, so how does a wild jack rabbit find its way into our backyard.
The picture is hard to see the bunny. It blends in with the rocks, but it’s next to the tree, if you look closely, you can see it.

January 17th – We worked on the Mancave.

Here is a photo of my short hair:

December Updates

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I’ve been really bad at the blogging thing lately. It seems like I’ve had so much to do, but yet not being able to see any accomplishments.

So here is my attempt to update since I’ve last wrote.

Our house is decorated for Christmas.

Thanksgiving: My mom and dad came and made our family dinner. Thanks Mom! It was great. We love having them come and visit. We miss them when they’re not here. Aidrin especially misses her grandparents. She would love it, if we could all just live in one place together. She did make her grandpa a little mad though. She grew. He doesn’t like that.


Dec 2nd – Terran was suppose to have her dentist appointment, but that morning had a fever and had to stay home from school. Lauren was suppose to go the next day, so I took her instead.

Dec 3rd – Camryn and Aidrin went to the dentist.

Dec 4th – I took a really cool photo.

Dec 6th – Aidrin learned to ride a bike without training wheels.

Dec 10th – I went to a cookie exchange that the relief society was having – and ended up with too many cookies.

Dec 11th – I got my hair cut. Really really short. I tried to keep it long, but it wouldn’t work. I’ll post photos later.

Dec 12th – We had our ward party and Ric sang 3 songs in the program. It was fun!

Dec 15th – We had family night. We invited Andrew and Kaitlin to go to see the Temple lights. After the lights we stopped off at the Frees, and then headed to the QT for some hot chocolate. (It was a really rainy and cold night. Not hardly anyone looking at lights.)

This is what your photos look like, when you accidently put on the fireworks setting:

The girls taking photos with cell phones. Everyone has a phone, except for Aidrin.

Mesa Temple (I’m still not very good at the night photos.)

December 16th – Chorus Concert. Camryn and Lauren joined the Chorus at school. You have to be in grades 3rd to 6th to be in it. Since I didn’t want to have to drop Aidrin off again at school, I just sent her with the girls 2 times a week at 7:30 am. I told her to be good and just watch the girls. Apparently, she learned all the songs, so they let her perform with the group. Here is a video of one of the songs. Aidrin is in the front row with the Santa hat on.The one that is dancing and doing hand signs. I don’t know if you knows that there is a whole group performing with her. She was the show. She was really into it.

You can check out more videos at:taxwielder

Christmas: We had a great Christmas. It was very quiet and peaceful. Opa and Grandma Jane came and stayed with us. Christmas Eve we went to the Free’s for dinner and the nativity play that we usually do every year. It was so fun! We love having family come and visit.

December 30th – Well, let’s see. Our 15 year old, decided to stay out later than she was suppose to. She had asked to go with friends. I said ok, can you be home at 9:30 pm. She said sure. So when 9:35 came and went, I called over to her friend’s house. The mom had stated that they had just left to another friends house. I tried to call her on her cell phone. She didn’t answer. She did text me that she was fine about 10 minutes later. Well, I then continued to call all night constantly. She wouldn’t answer. I text. She ignored everything. Finally about 11:30, I called the police and inquired if there had been any accidents? I was relieved to find out that there had not been any. I then text the words I’ve called the police. She then called me back saying are you crazy. She finally came home at about 12:15am. She was in big trouble.

The update:

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Since it has been so long that I have written anything, I decided that I need to do a major update in one post. So this will be long. So here goes me trying to remember the last two months of my life.
First day of school layouts

Missy lost her first tooth

September 11th:

September 18th:
Camryn’s field trip to Chase Field

Ric was one of the chaperons for the field trip.
Ric and Camryn received free tickets for the game on September 18th. We were able to get Lauren and Aidrin tickets too. So Ric loaded up the girls in the commuter van and they went and watched the Diamondbacks. Aidrin and Lauren are really cute when they talk about the Dbacks.
The Dbacks played the Giants and won the game 3 to 2. Half the school went to the game. So the girls had a ton of friends at the game with them.The girls had a great time.

October 11th:
Camryn and Lauren organized their first ever garage sale. They made about $60.00 and used the money to buy an electric guitar and amp for their band.

October 31st – Halloween:
We had trunk or treat at the church. Camryn invited Kaitlyn to come with and they met Vanessa and Abby there. The 4 of them then took off and went trick or treating around the neighborhood. I didn’t get any pictures of Lauren for Halloween this year. She went with the Heaton’s after school and went to their house trick or treating with Abby. I picked her up at 10 pm. Wow what a late night. Terran went to the church and then me up with her band members. Did I mention that Terran was in a band?
After Aidrin went around and around the church parking lot and collected buckets of candy, Ric and I then took her trick or treating by the school and the church. She saw a ton of her friends. She had a great time. Halloween is just not Halloween unless you get to ring some doorbells. Here are a few photos of the night:

Aidrin in her beautiful curlers

What a beautiful princess!

Camryn & Kaitlyn

Terran (90’s raver) & Michelle

Back to Terran and the Band. Terran is now in a band (Screemo) called Acydia, with 5 boys, ages 17 and older. Yikes! They have played 2 shows. November 1st at Chyro Arts and November 17th at the Sets. Here is a video that was uploaded on youtube. I am still editing the last show and have not yet put any videos up from that show. I think the sound was better at the November 17th show. The Chyro Art show was kind of distorted.

Anyway if you dare (remember screemo) here is a video:

November 20th:
The girls had a dance at the school.
They kind of forgot about their dad and ran off with their friends.

Aidrin all ready to go

Aidrin after the dance – face painted like a tiger

For all of September, October, and November we have had soccer. Camryn had practice on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Aidrin had her practice on Wednesday. Games all day Saturday. Here are a few pictures:

The Hedgehogs:
The Hedgehogs won the banner contest.

The Gators:

Lauren & Aidrin sharing some tunes

We’ve been trying to have a family night once a week and have seen a few movies lately. Here are some of them:


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August 28th – We had the most amazing monsoon storm ever. It was incredible. There were reported winds of up to 100 mph. We didn’t have any damage at our house, but watching the storm was something else. There was so much lightning, that you would have thought that a strobe light was on. The sound of the storm was like a freight train being in our yard. It was kind of scary being outside. We just peeked from under the porch. The amount of rain that we saw in a few short hours was unreal.

When the storm started, the girls had already gone to bed, so we had them come down and look at what was going on. Aidrin was already out for the night, so she missed, what she would call the dumping of the rain.

It was reported that the new ASU football practice roof was ripped off into pieces.

The next day Ric made his way into work, dodging tree after tree. There is an area by Ric’s work that is very beautiful and green, and a lot of the older trees were just ripped from the ground.

This from

Even by the Valley’s temperamental monsoon weather standards, Thursday’s storm was one for the ages.

With wind gusts of up to 100 mph, more than 1,500 lightning strikes recorded in a single hour and a multimillion-dollar path of destruction stretching from the southeast Valley through central Phoenix, the monsoon storm left hundreds of thousands of area residents going to sleep without power and many more awestruck at the devastation when they awoke Friday morning.

The rain marks a continuation of one of the most productive monsoons on record – with nearly 6 inches, this year’s already ranks as the 10th wettest on the books – but it would take a meteorological convergence of cosmic proportions to elicit a repeat performance of Thursday night’s show, said Keith Kincaid, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

“Not only was it longer, there were several (storms) that went across the same path,” Kincaid said. “The aerial coverage was just tremendous. If you look at the loops of the radar, it stretched from Fountain Hills all the way down to Gila Bend.”

The most brilliant signs appeared in the southeasterly skies about 8 p.m. with several hundred lightning strikes, but the storm had been brewing hours earlier with winds of up to 50 mph whipping around the moisture 20,000 feet above the mountains in Gila County.

When a trio of storms stacked up in the Mazatzal Mountains, the stage was set. One by one, they marched into the metro area, producing a show of force Valley residents haven’t seen for years.

Hundred-year-old trees were uprooted in Phoenix, roofs were stripped throughout the Valley as block walls toppled and dumpsters were tossed around like tin cans; normally dry roads in Tempe became small lakes and large swaths of the Valley went dark as power poles snapped like toothpicks. The most visible damage came at Arizona State University in Tempe, where an $8.4 million indoor-athletic facility was demolished.

It was standard monsoon fare on steroids.

Here is a video on YouTube that I found. There are a few others there also. Check them out.
Monsoon 08-28-08

Photos from

Family Update

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Here is a really brief update of what’s been happening since my surgery:


Surgery July 14th
Left the hospital July 18th
My parents were here to help me and my family for about a month. Thanks mom and dad!!! We couldn’t have made it without you.
We didn’t really celebrate Lauren’s birthday. She turned 9. We need to make it up to her big time.
Ric and my parents went to the church pioneer day celebration breakfast.
July is pretty much a blur. I spent most of my days and nights in bed, since it was so hard to get up for very long periods of time. Sleeping was another big thing. Trying to get comfortable sitting up sleeping, is not really able to be done.
While Ric and I were both recovering, our church was amazing they drove my kids around, sent in meals, mowed our lawn, and took care of our pool.
My really good friend Christy took my kids overnight for about a week so that Ric and I didn’t have to worry about them. The girls had a great time with her girls. (did I mention that with my girls and her girls together that makes 9 girls)


August 6th the girls started school. Wow! I can’t believe that school has started already. This year is Aidrin’s first year. She is going to all day kindergarten. She was very excited that there were some kids from the kids care at the gym that are in her class.

Here are a few photos:

First day of school (Terran left before I got out of bed – so no picture)

From the Laurels

From the Beehives:

Some flowers that I received (Lauren took the photos – not too bad)

Photos of where Ric was at when he fell of the ladder. You can see his finger prints going down the window, from when he fell. He was actually standing above the window when he fell. I think the official measurements were 18 feet.

New layouts with All Star Kit:

(template by Michelle Filo)

Sweet Child O’ Mine

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It’s been a while since I posted, but I have a good reason. On July 14th I had surgery to remove a brain tumor. The tumor was benign, but was almost 4 centimeters in size, and would only continue to grow. My only choice was to have it removed, before I started having a lot of other complications. The surgery went well, but the night after the surgery didn’t. My blood pressure was in the low 60’s. I had already been given a unit of blood. I wasn’t sure that I would make it through the night. It was touch and go. The next morning I was given another unit of blood. I felt so much better. I knew from there on that I would pull through. In the end I was given 3 units of blood and I am still a little anemic, but I am getting better every day. The only other complication from the surgery is that I can’t feel my left foot. The doctor is telling me it’s a sensory problem and should correct itself later on with some time. So I am having a physical therapist come out 2 times a week. The therapist is happy with the progress I am making. Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery.

The night before my surgery I was very busy trying to get a new kit collaboration with the seedlings uploaded to the Scrap Orchard store. By the way the new kit, Sweet Child O’ Mine turned out adorable. So here I am trying to get everything done before the surgery, and my husband was trying to finish up some painting. I was at the computer and I hear him call out my name and then banging and lots of other noises. I run in the other room, and the 2 ladders have fallen, light fixtures swinging everywhere, and there is my husband on the ground in a pool of blood. He had fallen about 15 feet onto tile floor, hitting face first. I was absolutely terrified as I ran to him. When I finally reached him, (seemed like such long time, but was only seconds) he was breathing. I was happy about that. So I had my father call 911, and my daughter call our neighbor that was a fire chief. The neighbor arrived instantly That neighbor had called another neighbor to come and help. They both arrived at the same time. The two of them gave my husband a blessing that is very special to us in my church. As soon as they had finished the blessing the firemen and ambulance guys arrived. It is a miracle that my husband did not break a bone in his body. His forehead had exploded and he needed a plastic surgeon to stitch him up. His elbow also needed to be stitched up, but other than that, he has nothing else wrong with him.
Our family is so blessed and we are so grateful for that. I am also grateful for all of the prayers and kind thoughts that were passed along to our family during our time of trials. I am also grateful to all of those that from my church that helped our family out during our time of need. I am also blessed to have wonderful parents that were there for me. Thanks mom and dad, my father-in-law, and his wife.

So I’m a little late in announcing our newest seedling kit. Here it is: (pictures are linked)

So I really far behind in everything. I am going to try and get some layouts made of this kit really soon. It is so cute. I love how this one turned out.

The seedlings are also going to be releasing a new kit hopefully in the next few days. Keep your eye out for it.

Exciting News

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Yay! I’m so excited to tell everyone that I am now a seedling at Scrap Orchard. I also have a new freebie to give away today.

Here’s the announcement:

We have a new team of designers in the Orchard!! You may remember them from out So You Think You Can Design Contest!! They’re “interning” with us for a few months and they have just released their first collaboration kit! And it is GORGEOUS!!


Designs by Mhulshoff,
Cuppycake Digital Designs,
Scrapalinquent Designs
and Matahati Designs by Zakirah

I’m so excited to work with these girls. It’s been so fun the last couple of weeks. W have completed our first kit together. The Boys of Summer is now in the store at Scrap Orchard.
Take a look. I think it’s awesome, but that’s just my opinion. Hopefully you can leave a comment and let me know what you think of our first collaboration. Click on images to be taken to the store.

Boys of Summer

The kit is now 20% off until Thursday, July 10th, then it will be back up at normal price. Also, if you buy the kit, you can get the free brag book. Take a look:

Brag Book

There are 3 other previews. We couldn’t get everything to fit on just one preview. Go to the store and check them out. I will also post them in the next few days.

Also, DSO is finally up, and I wanted to give out another freebie for my June challenge kit there. I tried so hard to make just a mini, but ended up with a lot more than a mini, so I thought I’d add on to it at the end of the month, but the site went down. So here is my mini if you missed it. And after that preview is my add on.

My Dad

My Dad add on

Breast Stroke Meet:
Aidrin – pink ribbon (was dq, but then again, not sure who didn’t get dq in her age group)
Way to go Ad!!!
Camryn – 1st place individual (This girl is amazing. She didn’t come up out of the water, until she was half way across the pool. Breast stroke is probably her worst stroke, but makes it look so easy.
3rd place – relay team
Lauren – 2nd place individual and 2nd place relay team.

Great work girls!!!! Swim team is so fun.

Crock Pot Challenged

Posted: July 2, 2008 in Family Happenings

Ok, like it’s about 111 degrees here in Arizona. I’m not complaining, but when it’s that hot outside, the last thing you want to do is to warm up the house, by cooking something in the oven. So I thought that I would try and make Cordon Bleu in the the crock pot. Looked for a recipe online and tried it yesterday. I swear that the crock pot and I are not friends. Everyone I know loves those things. My food always turns out terrible. Not worth the time and effort it took. I would have just rather gave the kids frozen waffles. They would have liked it better. So if anyone has any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong, or a good recipe to use in the crock pot, I’d love to hear from you. I’m about to try and sell the thing on Craig’s List.

Anyway, enough about crock pots. It’s been kind of a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy with something new. Stay tuned for some exciting news.

Updated on swim meets:

Freestyle Meet
Yay Aidrin – 5th place (she made it across the pool)
Camryn – 2nd place (Camryn had an infection in her foot and couldn’t do the relay)
Lauren – 2nd place individual, 1st place relay team (A1)

Backstroke Meet
Aidrin – 7th place, 3rd place relay team
Camryn – 1st place individual, 3rd place relay team (B2)
Lauren – 6th place individual, 3rd place relay team (A4)

Butterfly Meet
Aidrin – 3rd place (yay didn’t get disqualified!)
Camryn – 1st place individual, 1st place relay team (A3)
Lauren – 3rd place individual, 2nd place relay team (B4)

Ric and I have lived in our house for almost 4 years. We always talk about painting, because the paint is so horrible. It’s that flat builders paint that you can’t clean for anything. We actually painted a bathroom about 2 years ago. Had a great time doing it, and then we decided we were going to paint the whole house. Well, we talked about it, but never got around to it. So Saturday, we went and picked up some paint. We had just got home and then Ric just started to tape everything in the kitchen. He started moving things off the counters, and then everything was everywhere. The girls wanted to help, so he had them help tape and do some of the trim work. I think he also let them use the roller. They are so excited that we are actually painting and totally want to be involved in the whole thing. The only one that we haven’t seen much of is the 14 year old. She’s big time avoiding the whole thing. So we spent the whole weekend painting and it looks great. We are nowhere near done. We’ve only completed some of the kitchen and familyroom. There’s a lot left to do in just those two rooms. I guess this is going to take a while, especially with 20 ft ceilings.

Saturday night after we had started painting, we were invaded by ants. Since it was a Saturday night, I had to wait until Monday morning for the ant guy to come. I just hate ants in my house. They’re so annoying. They were going after anything that had to do with food.

My house is a total disaster, I have ants, and the upstairs air conditioner wasn’t working. The girls have been sleeping downstairs for a few days. Wow, that’s a lot going on in one weekend. Just total chaos in our house.

Mom here’s a picture of some of the painting. The photo looks a little dark, since it was so bright outside. I might try and take some pictures later this evening and post them later.

And here’s a picture of Aidrin this morning for swim team pictures. I couldn’t get too close, there were photographers in front of me.

I also forgot that today was picture day. Half way taking Camryn and Lauren to their practice, I remembered. I had to turn around, go and get the form and a checkbook. Camryn filled the form out on the way to the pool I asked Lauren to look for who to make the check out to. She tells me NSF…. I’m like I don’t think so. Then Camryn came right up with the info. She’s pretty sharp! 3 of the 4 girls will get pictures. It was too early in the morning for me to remember for Terran. I’m just not awake, until at least 7 am.