August 27th

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

And let the madness begin….
Ric is now teaching two classes a week.
Soccer season is now starting. Aidrin’s team had their first practice tonight. It just happened to be 113 degrees. It has been a really hot August. We haven’t had much of any Monsoon storms this summers. So no cooling off. The girls came back home and their faces were so red. They were kind of out of shape. They haven’t had to run any laps for about a year.
Terran had mutual tonight. I let her drive over to the church. She drove a little better.
We were at the stop sign. I told her to go, but she wanted to wait until there weren’t any cars at all on the street. I told her that can’t happen, because there were cars behind us starting to line up. So I directed her that after a car went by to turn. She did and everything went just fine. She pulled into the church parking lot and some of the girls were surprised that she was already driving.

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