Posted: January 22, 2009 in Family Happenings

January 19th – The kids were home from school all day. They really wanted to become members of Club Penguin again. The girls just started cleaning the house. They also gathered all their money together, so that they could pay for a membership. The cost $29.99. After the house was cleaned, they came and asked if they could become members. I gave in. I think it was because they cleaned the house. Without me asking them to clean. The girls were happy all day playing on the computers. They played together nicely. No fights.

Lauren gave us the lesson for Family Home Evening. For activity days, Lauren had been given some pictures, so that she could give a lesson on the first vision. She did a great job.

I’m amazed that Terran actually let me take her picture. Here are a couple of photos of Terran’s new hair cut, that she cut herself.

January 20th – Was the 100th day that Aidrin has been in school. The kindergarten was celebrating the 100th day, so they had all the children bring in a bag of something that counted up to 100.
Aidrin brought in M&M’s. She said they had a big party. They shared all the treats that were brought in.

Speaking of Terran cutting her hair. Aidrin, I guess took note that, and found the scissors. Aidrin cut a big chunk of her hair off. When I informed Aidrin that I would have to cut her hair and even it out, she was in tears. But, it all worked out in the end. We cut off about 5 inches. It turned out really cute. I’ll have to take some pictures.

Camryn went over to Kaitlyn’s with Vanessa and they had band practice.

January 21st – Camryn had her band practice at our house today. Kaitlyn and Vanessa came over. Kaitlyn does not have drums yet, but did come up with a drum set. You’ll have to see the pictures. Camryn wrote the song they are practicing. It sounds pretty good. It is coming together. Camryn is pretty amazing. She is a very determined and hardworking girl.

The band:


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