January Updates:

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Family Happenings

Not a lot going on in January so far. The kids went back to school on January 5th. I think they had enough vacation, and were eager to see all their friends.

January 5th – Ric surprised me and brought home cake and ice cream for my birthday.

We also went to the library.

January 9th – We went to Red Robin for my birthday. Aidrin was so happy that they sang a birthday song to her mom. She’s all about the party.

January 12th – Ric took Camryn, Lauren, and Aidrin to Skateland for family home eveing. I had a really bad headache, and Terran didn’t want to go. So I guess it was partial family home evening. Anyway, they had a great time. Aidrin came home with some bruises. Ric forgot how to skate, and could barely help Aidrin. Lauren and Camryn just had a great time. They brought their own skates. Ric entered Aidrin in a drawing and she won a $100 gift certificate towards a birthdy party at skateland. She came home and told me that we are rich.

January 16th – We have a rabbit in our backyard. We’re not sure how it got there. We live in a neighborhood, so how does a wild jack rabbit find its way into our backyard.
The picture is hard to see the bunny. It blends in with the rocks, but it’s next to the tree, if you look closely, you can see it.

January 17th – We worked on the Mancave.

Here is a photo of my short hair:


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