December Updates

Posted: January 10, 2009 in Family Happenings

I’ve been really bad at the blogging thing lately. It seems like I’ve had so much to do, but yet not being able to see any accomplishments.

So here is my attempt to update since I’ve last wrote.

Our house is decorated for Christmas.

Thanksgiving: My mom and dad came and made our family dinner. Thanks Mom! It was great. We love having them come and visit. We miss them when they’re not here. Aidrin especially misses her grandparents. She would love it, if we could all just live in one place together. She did make her grandpa a little mad though. She grew. He doesn’t like that.


Dec 2nd – Terran was suppose to have her dentist appointment, but that morning had a fever and had to stay home from school. Lauren was suppose to go the next day, so I took her instead.

Dec 3rd – Camryn and Aidrin went to the dentist.

Dec 4th – I took a really cool photo.

Dec 6th – Aidrin learned to ride a bike without training wheels.

Dec 10th – I went to a cookie exchange that the relief society was having – and ended up with too many cookies.

Dec 11th – I got my hair cut. Really really short. I tried to keep it long, but it wouldn’t work. I’ll post photos later.

Dec 12th – We had our ward party and Ric sang 3 songs in the program. It was fun!

Dec 15th – We had family night. We invited Andrew and Kaitlin to go to see the Temple lights. After the lights we stopped off at the Frees, and then headed to the QT for some hot chocolate. (It was a really rainy and cold night. Not hardly anyone looking at lights.)

This is what your photos look like, when you accidently put on the fireworks setting:

The girls taking photos with cell phones. Everyone has a phone, except for Aidrin.

Mesa Temple (I’m still not very good at the night photos.)

December 16th – Chorus Concert. Camryn and Lauren joined the Chorus at school. You have to be in grades 3rd to 6th to be in it. Since I didn’t want to have to drop Aidrin off again at school, I just sent her with the girls 2 times a week at 7:30 am. I told her to be good and just watch the girls. Apparently, she learned all the songs, so they let her perform with the group. Here is a video of one of the songs. Aidrin is in the front row with the Santa hat on.The one that is dancing and doing hand signs. I don’t know if you knows that there is a whole group performing with her. She was the show. She was really into it.

You can check out more videos at:taxwielder

Christmas: We had a great Christmas. It was very quiet and peaceful. Opa and Grandma Jane came and stayed with us. Christmas Eve we went to the Free’s for dinner and the nativity play that we usually do every year. It was so fun! We love having family come and visit.

December 30th – Well, let’s see. Our 15 year old, decided to stay out later than she was suppose to. She had asked to go with friends. I said ok, can you be home at 9:30 pm. She said sure. So when 9:35 came and went, I called over to her friend’s house. The mom had stated that they had just left to another friends house. I tried to call her on her cell phone. She didn’t answer. She did text me that she was fine about 10 minutes later. Well, I then continued to call all night constantly. She wouldn’t answer. I text. She ignored everything. Finally about 11:30, I called the police and inquired if there had been any accidents? I was relieved to find out that there had not been any. I then text the words I’ve called the police. She then called me back saying are you crazy. She finally came home at about 12:15am. She was in big trouble.

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