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Posted: November 25, 2008 in Family Happenings

Since it has been so long that I have written anything, I decided that I need to do a major update in one post. So this will be long. So here goes me trying to remember the last two months of my life.
First day of school layouts

Missy lost her first tooth

September 11th:

September 18th:
Camryn’s field trip to Chase Field

Ric was one of the chaperons for the field trip.
Ric and Camryn received free tickets for the game on September 18th. We were able to get Lauren and Aidrin tickets too. So Ric loaded up the girls in the commuter van and they went and watched the Diamondbacks. Aidrin and Lauren are really cute when they talk about the Dbacks.
The Dbacks played the Giants and won the game 3 to 2. Half the school went to the game. So the girls had a ton of friends at the game with them.The girls had a great time.

October 11th:
Camryn and Lauren organized their first ever garage sale. They made about $60.00 and used the money to buy an electric guitar and amp for their band.

October 31st – Halloween:
We had trunk or treat at the church. Camryn invited Kaitlyn to come with and they met Vanessa and Abby there. The 4 of them then took off and went trick or treating around the neighborhood. I didn’t get any pictures of Lauren for Halloween this year. She went with the Heaton’s after school and went to their house trick or treating with Abby. I picked her up at 10 pm. Wow what a late night. Terran went to the church and then me up with her band members. Did I mention that Terran was in a band?
After Aidrin went around and around the church parking lot and collected buckets of candy, Ric and I then took her trick or treating by the school and the church. She saw a ton of her friends. She had a great time. Halloween is just not Halloween unless you get to ring some doorbells. Here are a few photos of the night:

Aidrin in her beautiful curlers

What a beautiful princess!

Camryn & Kaitlyn

Terran (90’s raver) & Michelle

Back to Terran and the Band. Terran is now in a band (Screemo) called Acydia, with 5 boys, ages 17 and older. Yikes! They have played 2 shows. November 1st at Chyro Arts and November 17th at the Sets. Here is a video that was uploaded on youtube. I am still editing the last show and have not yet put any videos up from that show. I think the sound was better at the November 17th show. The Chyro Art show was kind of distorted.

Anyway if you dare (remember screemo) here is a video:

November 20th:
The girls had a dance at the school.
They kind of forgot about their dad and ran off with their friends.

Aidrin all ready to go

Aidrin after the dance – face painted like a tiger

For all of September, October, and November we have had soccer. Camryn had practice on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Aidrin had her practice on Wednesday. Games all day Saturday. Here are a few pictures:

The Hedgehogs:
The Hedgehogs won the banner contest.

The Gators:

Lauren & Aidrin sharing some tunes

We’ve been trying to have a family night once a week and have seen a few movies lately. Here are some of them:

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