Sweet Child O’ Mine

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Family Happenings, Kits

It’s been a while since I posted, but I have a good reason. On July 14th I had surgery to remove a brain tumor. The tumor was benign, but was almost 4 centimeters in size, and would only continue to grow. My only choice was to have it removed, before I started having a lot of other complications. The surgery went well, but the night after the surgery didn’t. My blood pressure was in the low 60’s. I had already been given a unit of blood. I wasn’t sure that I would make it through the night. It was touch and go. The next morning I was given another unit of blood. I felt so much better. I knew from there on that I would pull through. In the end I was given 3 units of blood and I am still a little anemic, but I am getting better every day. The only other complication from the surgery is that I can’t feel my left foot. The doctor is telling me it’s a sensory problem and should correct itself later on with some time. So I am having a physical therapist come out 2 times a week. The therapist is happy with the progress I am making. Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery.

The night before my surgery I was very busy trying to get a new kit collaboration with the seedlings uploaded to the Scrap Orchard store. By the way the new kit, Sweet Child O’ Mine turned out adorable. So here I am trying to get everything done before the surgery, and my husband was trying to finish up some painting. I was at the computer and I hear him call out my name and then banging and lots of other noises. I run in the other room, and the 2 ladders have fallen, light fixtures swinging everywhere, and there is my husband on the ground in a pool of blood. He had fallen about 15 feet onto tile floor, hitting face first. I was absolutely terrified as I ran to him. When I finally reached him, (seemed like such long time, but was only seconds) he was breathing. I was happy about that. So I had my father call 911, and my daughter call our neighbor that was a fire chief. The neighbor arrived instantly That neighbor had called another neighbor to come and help. They both arrived at the same time. The two of them gave my husband a blessing that is very special to us in my church. As soon as they had finished the blessing the firemen and ambulance guys arrived. It is a miracle that my husband did not break a bone in his body. His forehead had exploded and he needed a plastic surgeon to stitch him up. His elbow also needed to be stitched up, but other than that, he has nothing else wrong with him.
Our family is so blessed and we are so grateful for that. I am also grateful for all of the prayers and kind thoughts that were passed along to our family during our time of trials. I am also grateful to all of those that from my church that helped our family out during our time of need. I am also blessed to have wonderful parents that were there for me. Thanks mom and dad, my father-in-law, and his wife.

So I’m a little late in announcing our newest seedling kit. Here it is: (pictures are linked)

So I really far behind in everything. I am going to try and get some layouts made of this kit really soon. It is so cute. I love how this one turned out.

The seedlings are also going to be releasing a new kit hopefully in the next few days. Keep your eye out for it.

  1. allison says:

    Oh wow. That was major surgery. The only surgery I’ve had is a swollen gland that never went away (they thought it was cancer because it was all bumpy and stuff–wasn’t though) and my three C-sections.

    I am SO glad that everything went well. How frightening that first night must have been. I am still in shock over it.

    And when I read about your husband falling and everything and then receiving a blessing it brought tears to my eyes. Blessings are so special to me because of how it once saved my life. I’m glad that he’s ok as well.

    It sounds like you’ve been through a few trying times but that the Lord has kept you within sight.

    I hope you recover well and that you’ll get the feeling back in your foot. I’ll pray for you!

  2. Susie2shoes says:

    I love reading your blog and I think your kits are really wonderful, thank you so much Malinda.

    You have really been through the mill just lately and I do believe you deserve a medal let alone an award. I really hope you feel well soon.

    I’m sending you the Wilde Woman Award because I think you are and inspiration.

    Pop over to my blog to pick it up.

    Big Hugs
    Susie x

  3. Shanners says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your trials lately. I hope you’re both healing quickly. I know the support of friends, family, and church members can help a lot. I love the gifts the YW brought. đŸ™‚

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