The end of white walls as we know it.

Posted: June 9, 2008 in Family Happenings

Ric and I have lived in our house for almost 4 years. We always talk about painting, because the paint is so horrible. It’s that flat builders paint that you can’t clean for anything. We actually painted a bathroom about 2 years ago. Had a great time doing it, and then we decided we were going to paint the whole house. Well, we talked about it, but never got around to it. So Saturday, we went and picked up some paint. We had just got home and then Ric just started to tape everything in the kitchen. He started moving things off the counters, and then everything was everywhere. The girls wanted to help, so he had them help tape and do some of the trim work. I think he also let them use the roller. They are so excited that we are actually painting and totally want to be involved in the whole thing. The only one that we haven’t seen much of is the 14 year old. She’s big time avoiding the whole thing. So we spent the whole weekend painting and it looks great. We are nowhere near done. We’ve only completed some of the kitchen and familyroom. There’s a lot left to do in just those two rooms. I guess this is going to take a while, especially with 20 ft ceilings.

Saturday night after we had started painting, we were invaded by ants. Since it was a Saturday night, I had to wait until Monday morning for the ant guy to come. I just hate ants in my house. They’re so annoying. They were going after anything that had to do with food.

My house is a total disaster, I have ants, and the upstairs air conditioner wasn’t working. The girls have been sleeping downstairs for a few days. Wow, that’s a lot going on in one weekend. Just total chaos in our house.

Mom here’s a picture of some of the painting. The photo looks a little dark, since it was so bright outside. I might try and take some pictures later this evening and post them later.

And here’s a picture of Aidrin this morning for swim team pictures. I couldn’t get too close, there were photographers in front of me.

I also forgot that today was picture day. Half way taking Camryn and Lauren to their practice, I remembered. I had to turn around, go and get the form and a checkbook. Camryn filled the form out on the way to the pool I asked Lauren to look for who to make the check out to. She tells me NSF…. I’m like I don’t think so. Then Camryn came right up with the info. She’s pretty sharp! 3 of the 4 girls will get pictures. It was too early in the morning for me to remember for Terran. I’m just not awake, until at least 7 am.

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