My Day

Posted: June 5, 2008 in Family Happenings, My Layouts

I’m so excited. We have a brand new Costco that just opened today. So I’ve been driving the kids back and forth a million times a day to swim team and lessons, the past few days. Well, maybe not a million times, but sure feels like it. I actually made Terran stay at swim team practice today, until I dropped off Camryn and Lauren for their practices. Anyway, where I was going with the whole driving, was that I looked down at my gas, and it said that like I only had about 60 miles left of gas. I kind of freak at under 70. So the first thing that pops into my head is Costco. So after Aidrin’s lessons we headed off to the new Costco.
And there it was, with a gas station, and with gas @ $3.93. Can you say yes. When I usually fill the gas tank, it’s alway in the $100 price range. I felt like I hit the lottery. Anyway, I filled up. $98. I was chatting with the Costco gas attendant and commented on how big the Costco looked. She stated that our Costco is the biggest one in the whole United States. And it looks pretty too. I might just have to take a piture of it. I also think that maybe, these other gas stations are doing something to the gas. When I fill up, usually my mileage will be around 370, but today after filling it full, the mileage was 420.

At Aidrin’s swim team practice this morning, she kept chatting with all the coaches, as she was suppose to be swimming in her lane. She also, started trying to turn over and over as she was swimming. She would be doing freestyle, then turn over and do backstroke, then back to freestyle. She did this all the way down the lane (25 yards). She’s a nut.

I also did a new layout last night. Scrap Orchard and The Sunshine Girls are having a scavenger hunt between the two sites. After you hunt, you find all the clues and there is a coupon code, for a free kit. So that’s two kits that coordinate together. They are both awesome. I couldn’t wait to try them out. So here is a picture that I took yesterday of two of my girls as they were walking by me at swimming lessons. The kit is Scrap Orchards SO SUNny Collab.

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