Swim Team

Posted: June 3, 2008 in Family Happenings, My Layouts

We officially began practices for the girl’s swim teams yesterday. Terran has 5:30 practices. She actually did great getting up yesterday morning. Me, not so good. I really wanted to sleep in, but what’s a mom to do. All of the girls are on a team this year. This is Aidrin’s first year, and she’s sooooo….. excited. She couldn’t wait to leave the house. She kept asking like every two minutes. “Is it time to go to swim team?” In addition to swim team, Aidrin is also taking swim lessons, and Terran, will be busy volunteering her time as a junior life guard again this year. Last summer she volunteered 102 hours.

Last night we had family night. We played clue. Aidrin and Dad were a team. The game was pretty long. We all came to the same conclusion at the same time, but getting to the room was another story. Lauren ended up as the winner. Yeah Lauren, because mom’s always the winner. After we were done with clue, everyone went to bed, and I mean everyone went to bed. They were all so tired after swim practices. I didn’t hear one word about somebody doing something and somebody else won’t go to bed. It was just nice and peaceful. When they all go to bed and no one complains, it somehow makes getting up at 5:15 am worth while.

Some swim pictures from Monday:

Here are a couple of layouts that I did for some challenges. Credits are at my gallery at those sites.

Apple Cart challenge #1 at Scrap Orchard

Candy Jar challenge #16 at Digital Candy


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