Posted: May 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

So on Mother’s Day I could hardly climb out of bed. I had a major sinus infection, which is no big deal, because I get them all the time. Especially living here in Arizona. For some reason, I’m really allergic to something. I keep saying that I need to go to an allergist, but I always have something better to do than to actually go to a doctor. So I call and get an appointment for Monday. Go and see the doctor, get my prescription, and go on my way. Thinking that it’s all taken care of, but no, the pain on my right side of my face, keeps getting worse and worse. I call in for pain prescription, and they give that to me, and it does nothing for me. Ric actually took the girls to see the Spiderwick Chronicles on Monday for Family Home Evening, while I layed there in bed, in major pain. So today I decided that I needed to do something about all this pain. Either go to the doctors again, or have someone chop off my head. I choose the doctor. So I go to my appointment today, and I still have a major sinus infection. They give me more prescriptions, took my blood, and sent me for a CT scan. So I’m kind of freaked out right now. The doctor’s office calls me this afternoon and would like me to come in tomorrow morning to discuss my results of my CT scan. Can’t they just say over the phone there is something wrong, or there’s nothing wrong, instead of making one go through the worst scenarios. So that is just a little update of what’s going on besides everything else that’s going on around here. I’ll update about the family later.

  1. Colleen E says:

    Try Singulair – I take it daily (living in the heat of the Valley near L.A.) for allergies and have been sinus infection free for a year – that doesn’t mean the winds and pollens, etc. don’t drive me crazy, but it helps a LOT.

    Good luck at Scrap Orchard – I’m in the process of downloading your kit – may have to try again tomor. (having trouble w/2 of the links) – but will keep trying – looks amazing! TYSM

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