Krispy Kreme

Posted: May 15, 2008 in My Layouts

Tuesday Krispy Kreme opened back up for business. The kids are so excited. The store closed about 20 months ago. Aidrin doesn’t even remember going to get hot doughnuts. Lauren had been asking since Tuesday if we could go and get some Krispy Kremes. We drove by Tuesday and the line was huge, and the parking lot was even a bigger mess. There was like a traffic jam on Superstition Springs. So we left and told the girls we’d try the next day. So we tried again last night. Smaller line, but still had to wait 20 minutes. The girls had a great time watching the doughnuts being made, and even a better time eating hot fresh doughnuts. We left with 2 dozen. So we are a happy family. You don’t really know how good you have it, until something gets taken from you.

Here are a few layouts that I have completed recently. Credits can be found by clicking on my gallery link.

Scrap Orchard gallery. This is a layout using my kit Falling Star that you can download by clicking freebie.

Digital Candy Gallery


Elemental Scraps

Snap and Scrap

Scrappers Guide

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