Thanks Chuck Powell!

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

Radio politics.
There is a radio station here in Phoenix called The Edge 103.9. It is the only real alternative station in the area. I love to listen to The Morning Ritual with Chuck Powell every morning on my way to take kids to school and then on my way to the gym. I have been listening ever since we moved to the valley, almost 4 years ago. I was happy to have stumbled upon the show. I loved listening and was sad when Heather Lewis and Vince left, but Chuck has always been there and he is brilliant.
Yesterday morning, Chuck gave a very unexpected farewell speech on the air. (Chuck’s farwell) The independent radio station was bought out by some giant corporate radio business over a year ago. The quality of the programming has gone steadily downhill since the transaction. Yesterday morning, the management surprised everyone by giving Chuck and The Morning Ritual Show the axe and is now bringing on the Adam Corrolla show, (I can not stand Adam Corrolla. I didn’t like or listen to him in Los Angeles, and I won’t here.) via syndication to the station.

So this is my farewell to Chuck Powell (Here’s hoping Chuck will find a new place in the Phoenix area. If he does, I will listen) and the Edge 103.9. From this point on I will not listen to the station. Chuck I wish you all the best. Thank you for all the times you made me laugh. I’ll never forget you. You will be greatly missed!

  1. Aaron says:

    Hell yeah, they f***** up.

  2. Dave M says:

    I totally agree, and I sent the station president an email letting him know he lost at least one listener with this move. Replacing Chuck Powell with a talentless hack like Corolla? We’re done.

    How heartbreaking was that goodbye? Sucked the wind out of my Monday AM.

  3. Corey Grant says:

    I was so confused when driving to work the last couple of mornings and not knowing why I’m not hearing the morning ritual. Then hearing commercials for adam corolla and put the two together is seriously heartbreaking. I’ve listened to the morning ritual for years and have never gotten tired of hearing it. I think Jerry the dog getting beat last week signifies the death of the morning ritual. To Chuck Powell: I hope you find yourself another gig in the Phoenix area doing what you do best. My best regards to you and I thank you for funniest mornings I’ve ever had in the last 4 and half years. I’ve cried from laughter from listening to you and I know I’m not alone when I say how saddened I am to hear you leave. Good Luck to you!

  4. Matt Behrend says:

    I agree. I hope Chuck stays on the air in Phoenix. I will miss his show. It is truly rare to have a decent station with LOCAL talent these days.

    As for The Edge. The gradual decline just became precipitous. Adam Corolla is terrible and has to resort to crude humor and gimmicks to be funny. Chuck Powell used his brain. Imagine that.

    I am done with 103.9.

  5. Michelle says:

    I went on vacation and came back to Phx and the morning ritual was replaced. I was so bummed out it took me over 3wks to get adjusted to my new morning routine…shampoo in the eyes, lotion dropped on my foot, bumped my head on the dresser its was like those commericals you see on tv “Learn how to drink coffee when your not a smoker”. I also wrote an email to the radio station, they replied back w/some lame excuse about numbers, so i replied back I was so done w/them, they are officially removed from my presets, removed from the email subscriptions…Please bring CHUCK back soon. It’s a good thing I was downloading his Last Character Standing skits..only thing keeping my sanity.

  6. Mary A says:

    I whole-heartedly agree! I was never a fan of a single morning radio show until I moved to Phoenix – Chuck Powell was on my top 10 list of things this city has to offer – he’s just THAT good at his job. If his next gig is outside of Phoenix, I will certainly be listening to it online. Something has felt missing from the city ever since he’s been off the air. As for Adam Carolla…he’s no different than any other Howard Stern wannabe who uses crude humor that provokes laughs only from the bowels of society.

  7. Julie says:

    I completely agree. I was so confused when I tuned in one morning and Chuck was gone. I actually freaked out in my car and started screaming “where’s chuck?”, lol. 103.9 has gone way downhill and this was the last straw. Chuck Powell has more humor and talent in his pinky nail than Adam Corolla does in his entire body. I hope to hear him on the radio again soon.

  8. Jessica says:

    we should start a bring chuck back website 🙂 I miss him. I think Carolla is ok, he gets mindless, cheap laughs…but Chuck is so much better. he definitely made my morning drives to school more enjoyable

  9. Steve says:

    I truly miss chuck powell. Every day I looked forward to hearing the morning ritual. Chuck was hilarious, very smart, and a much better role model than adam corolla. Alot of the things that corolla says arent funny. Chuck powell was known for showing up to work with enthusiasm and showed up every day to be heard LIVE. Corolla has missed more days in the past month, than chuck did for the entire 4 years of his show. Almost every day now I hear repeats of the corolla show. I have now begun tuning to other stations. But there is no other program that is better. Not only was the morning ritual funny, but it provided news, and information that I don’t get anywhere else.

  10. Scott says:

    Still waiting for someone smart enough to sign Chuck in the Phoenix area. Nowadays I drive into work with the radio off or listening to MP3s just like before I found the Morning Ritual.

  11. Allison says:

    It’s been 6 months since Chuck said good-bye and I still miss that funny bastard. Hope he’s doing well.

  12. Marcus says:

    chuck and vince guest hosted with MJ on Bickley and MJ on xtra 910 am this morning. it was awesome and was just for an hour. it was still hilarious, i miss that show

  13. HPR says:

    Chuck is an amazing talent. The show IMO went down when Vince and Heather left. they were a great combo, and the ones that replaced them, I could not stand them. It was good when chuck talked.

    I hope he stays in the valley so I can listen to him in the morning when I return. Bick and MJ are morons, but I would listen if they were on.

    Vince is on KTAR right now with Mark Asher.

  14. Brandon says:

    I just found out The Morning Ritual is gone… I moved out of state in 2006 to the middle of nowhere. I just got internet hooked up this week and first thing I did was hit to listen live and was looking forward to hear Chuck Powell again in the morning. I didn’t see any reference to him on the site, so I googled the show and him and found this. I am so saddened. I am coming out to PHX again next week and was looking forward to The Morning Ritual. Adam’s crap compared to Chuck Powell. The only thing 103.9 still has going for it is the Acoustic, live, & rare collection and the Ska/punk show… how sad. How very sad. I hope he lands somewhere where I can stream him.

  15. Charlton says:

    Has Chuck resurfaced anywhere in the country on radio yet? I miss his wit and will stream him from anywhere that he can be found.

  16. Chuck's Back says:

    Chuck Powell is back on the radio. I was flipping through the stations this morning, heard his voice, and almost wrecked my car. Check out 98.7 the peak.

  17. Kirsten says:

    Just thought you might like to know…

    Chuck’s back.

    He’s on the Peak in the mornings. By himself for now, but I have a feeling that he’ll put together another fantastic morning show once he gets some momentum going.


  18. Kim G says:

    Chuck Powell is back! He’s on in the mornings on The Peak 98.7!

  19. John S says:

    Wow, this morning my wife and I had a discussion about “that guy” and I went to show her all about Chuck only to find that he’s gone. I left Phoenix in ’06 secure in the thoughts that Chuck and Vince would last a while and was blown away to find that if all went down hill. Glad to hear that Chuck found a home again, he’s too good of a guy and too good of a talent to sit on the sidelines.

  20. JC says:

    I was just thinking about a Jeep Cherokee skit that has become part of my families holiday dialog. “Every Year the same thing Jeep get Moccasins and Loincloths” Does anyone have downloads of the old skits? I would love to have at least that one.

  21. ruzi25 says:

    Just told my co-worker about Super Mafio! Does anybody have these audio clips for download. I’ll share….. promise.

  22. Greg B says:

    go to facebook and search for “Last character standing” my tribute page for chuck powell and TMR. Posting TMR full shows, LCS bits (323 episodes), and I need LCS best ofs, That guy..please join and please tell your friends!

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