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Posted: April 22, 2008 in Family Happenings, My Layouts

We have a 5 year old, and the 5 year old couldn’t be happier. The day she turned 5, that morning she asked if she was going to go to kindergarten today. (So cute). Sadly, I had to break the no news to her.

Aidrin and I were talking, and I was telling her that I was going to be sad that we had no more 4 year olds. Aidrin told me that having a 5 year old would be good. I told her that I would miss the cuteness factor (we have been talking a lot about grumpy teenagers, and Aidrin having a cuteness factor). Aidrin promised that she would still have the cuteness factor, at least until she turned 6. So I then told her, ok you can be 5. So, she’s very happy that she gets to be 5. Grandpa, not suppose to tell you this, but somebody grew. Aidrin is hoping that you aren’t going to be too mad.

Thursday we went to Activity Day Recognition Night for Camryn and Lauren. The Theme was “Come Out and See the Stars”.

The handout each girl received – “Just as He has numbered the ‘STARS’ in the heavens, our Heavenly Father knows each one of us. He is there to help us fulfill our purpose in this life!”

They highlighted each of the girls talents and what makes each one of them shine. Anyway, it was kind of funny, because one of Camryn’s friends was being spotlighted and they were telling all the amazing things about her friend and then at the end they say that she is in a band with Camryn. We were not expecting that at all. Yes, Camryn does have a band. I think they have 5 or 6 members. So far all they do is have meetings, planning fundraisers, and price shopping for band equipment. I admire Camryn’s leadership abilities. I believe one time they did bring instruments. One girl brought one of those toy guitars. It was very cute.

Saturday we went to the mall with the girls. Aidrin received a spotted pony webkinz from her dad for her birthday. We went to the mall for the purpose of seeing a cheap movie. I think $2.00, if I’m not mistaken. The girls wanted to see The National Treasure movie. I really liked the movie. Anyway, we tried to leave the pony in the car, but Aidrin looks at us with those big blue eyes and says, “What will I cuddle with?” Ok, dad heard and saw and headed right back to the car and retrieved the pony. So she cuddled, and then eventually was on my lap for the rest of the movie.

Monday, April 21st we all attended Camryn’s Golden Scholar Award Night for our family home evening. Terran wasn’t too thrilled that we dragged her along. I think she was really irritated that she has never received the award, since moving here. There were a lot of kids from our ward that were also receiving awards. Lauren’s shooting for the award next year. You have to be in 4th grade and above to receive the award. You also have to have all A’s and can only have 1 B during the school year, to get the award. We are so proud of Camryn. She is a hard worker and quite the perfectionist. Go Camryn!

I think that I have posted a lot for today. I need to keep up on this, so my posts aren’t so long.

Here are a few layouts that I have done recently. I found a new site Elemental Scraps and love the challenges that I found there.

All credits listed in Elemental Scraps gallery


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