Posted: April 9, 2008 in Family Happenings

Holy crap it’s cold outside this morning! It was like 80 degrees yesterday. The girls are all testing at school this week. The school schedules are all crazy. I had to take everyone to school at the same time (2 different schools) today. We went out this morning, it’s overcast, wind blowing, and cold. Aidrin wanted me to turn on the heat. I went to the high school first to drop Terran off. I just want to say that I thought that the actual purpose of a stop sign, is for one to stop? Right? I decide to drop Terran off by the Seminary building, since the front of the school was all jammed up. I’m driving down the street and some lady just blows through the stop sign almost hitting our car. Then she looks our way, annoyed that we are in her way. Some people just need to chill out and give themselves more time to get where they need to be.

Yesterday Lauren had softball practice. Ric left for Los Angeles yesterday morning. He rode the motorcycle. Anyway, I had to take Lauren to her practice. The practice was at the park, so I thought that I would take the girls with to the park, while Lauren had her practice. Aidrin was so, so, so excited! She kept asking me all day, “Is it time to go to the park yet?” So we go to the park. Lauren’s practice is for an hour. I push Aidrin on the swings, she builds a cake in the sand, climbs many different things. Slides down the slides. She’s having the time of her life. Lauren gets done with practice, I tell Aidrin we have to go. She completely breaks down and just starts sobbing. All the way to the car, she is sobbing that she wants to play at the park until it’s dark, which it is almost dark. The sun is setting. Here are some pictures of Aidrin at the park, having a great time.

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