Posted: April 9, 2008 in Family Happenings

Saturday we watched conference. The talks were all so great. The kids were so excited to actually watch it this time, so that they could see our new Prophet Thomas S Monson speak. Love DVR’s. We had to record conference. I had to pick up Ric from the airport right in the middle of the second session. He had been in Denver for the week. Aidrin and Lauren went with me to pick him up. They were so excited to see their dad. So on they way home from the airport, Aidrin tells me that she’s feels like she’s going to puke. I ask her if she even knows what the word puke means. She says she knows, because Camryn and Lauren told her it means to throw up. I told Ric that she was probably just hungry, since it was lunch time. So Ric ask me if we should stop. Then Aidrin says to us, that it would probably be good if there was a place, like Chinese food that we could stop at and then she wouldn’t puke. Needless to say our little 4 year old negotiator got her Chinese food. It was so cute. Can’t even describe how cute the conversation was. You just had to be there.

Sunday – We just sat around and watched Conference. It was just a day of rest and major relaxation.

Monday – Lauren had her first softball game. (Lauren’s team – Pink Panthers) We decided that this would be our family night. Terran was throwing a fit, saying that she didn’t want to go. I told her that if we did something afterwards, then she may miss out. She went off saying that we never do anything ever. Boy is she getting mouthy again. I kind of thought we were getting past the mouthy stage after she left jr high. Finally, as a whole family, we went to Lauren’s game. She did great. Love the league that she is playing on. There’s not a lot of score keeping, and it’s not so competitive. The girls just get to play and learn. After the game we took the girls to Costco food court and they got frozen yogurts.

Pictures of Lauren at her game


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