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Posted: April 3, 2008 in My Layouts

I’m so tired and my allergies are killing me. Today was so busy. Ric’s not here to help, so I’m on my own. Boy do I miss him and all he does to help me out. Thursdays are our day from hell around here. All the girls have piano lessons. Lauren has softball practice and Terran has mutual. I felt like I was in the car, then out of the car, then back in again.

Aidrin and I went over to Costco today. We loaded up our cart and we picked the line that had 1 person in front of us. We should have picked the line with 2 people in it. The lady that was checking out before us had not renewed her Costco membership (according to the Costco guy). She was telling the employee that she had been billed automatically on her American Express bill. He then would take her card and go somewhere and look up some kind of information that the rest of us couldn’t see. He then came back and told her that she was not set up on automatic payments and he couldn’t find anywhere that she had paid. She then told him the exact same story about how she received her rebate check, then got her Amex bill and there was the renewal. She must have repeated the story about five times. I was thinking to myself, just pay it, bring in your bill and they will refund you. Costco is so good about refunding everything. Finally another Costco employee came over to me and asked if I’d like to move to another register. I said definitely. She moved over all my items. I paid and when I was leaving the lady will still giving the same story, with about 5 customers behind her now. Do you think she finally gave up?

Anyway, here is a layout that I did for the Sunshine Blog. Kit used is Walking on Sunshine Mega Collab Collection.

  1. mysteryshrink says:

    At least she was still holding up the line. Seems like when I switch, no matter what, the other line shoots ahead. Oh, well.

    I’m a psychologist writing as
    I’m enjoying your stories.

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