Posted: April 3, 2008 in My Layouts

Update so far for this week –

Monday – We had family night. We played Disney Scene it. I’m really bad at this game. Usually I win most of the games that we play, so Aidrin wanted to be on my team. Aidrin likes to win and if she doesn’t win, she gets very upset. So part way through the game, I think that she switched over to Terran’s team. Camryn, Lauren, & Aidrin made brownies earlier, so everyone had one before bed time. They are getting better at the baking thing. The brownies were great (Ric helped).

Tuesday – Aidrin and I went to the gym today. I did my body step class. My leg was in pain the whole time. Not sure if I did something. So I had to take it easy. Aidrin was very excited to tell me that she had an old friend and a new friend at the gym today. She couldn’t remember either of their names. Lauren has softball practices on Tuesday and Thursdays. She is busy. Ric took her to practice. It kind of nice that she can spend some one on one time with her dad. Camryn didn’t want to do softball this year. Kind of sad how it worked out. The coach of the team is Camryn’s friend’s dad. Her friend is on the team also. Can’t really remember anything else for Tuesday. All a blur.

Wednesday – It was a half day at school. On my way to get Terran she calls and says, “You do know that it’s a half day?” I say I’m on my way. There is so much construction on the way to the school right now. So I’m in the only lane I can be in, surrounded by cones and construction crap all around. I feel like I’m in a video game. Somebody in front of me needs to turn left into the gas station. So there is only one lane on each side. So I just sit. Car after car goes by. Finally the person gets to turn left. I finally get to the high school. Then Terran and I go the the elementary school to pick up the other girls. Camryn gets in the car and say, “Did you forget it was a half day?” I can’t win. Camryn had injections today, and then I dropped her off at a friends house for the rest of the day. She is now learning to play the recorder. It’s very interesting. I think she knows like one song. The other day when I picked Camryn up from her friends house, her friend’s mom said that the girls were playing their recorders together. I said that we have been enjoying hearing the recorder a lot in our house lately. (Not) The friends mom said that at least Camryn plays her recorder soft. Camryn’s friend plays the recorder really really loud. I unlocked the TV and the other girls just sat around and watched TV all day. They were zoned out.

I think that’s all I have to report.

Here is a new layout that I did for a challenge at Weeds and Wildflowers

  1. IkeaGoddess says:

    Oh how cute. Thank you for participating in the challenge.

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