Posted: March 31, 2008 in My Layouts

I love this time of year. When you go outside the smell is incredible. The citrus trees are in bloom. It smells so good. I only wish that it would last longer.

I haven’t wrote for a while, so this may be a long post.

Well, some of you may now know, and maybe some of you don’t yet know, but Ric kind of went insane for a day and came home with a purchase of a brand new motorcycle. He has his permit, but still needs to get his license.

The story is that he had been looking at this particular model of motorcycle for a quite some time. He even had a picture on his phone, computer at work and home. He had been to the motorcycle dealership several times to ask about the motorcyle, and when he would inquire, not one person would know what he was talking about. So one day a couple of weeks ago he stopped by the dealership and was about to ask if they had the motorcycle, when he looked and there it was (image some kind of dream music with beams of light around it). He was actually in shock that it was there before him. I guess the shock was too much. He just wasn’t himself and purchased it. So now we are the proud owners of a new Suzuki. Ric will be starting to teach part time at the University of Phoenix within the next month. We are justifying that the motorcycle will be good for the gas mileage to and from the various campuses around the valley.

We had a lot of family come in for the Easter weekend.
Saturday March 22nd the girls went to an Easter Egg hunt that the primary put on. The hunt was in the park by our house, so the girls rode their bikes over. Ric rode his too. I walked with Aidrin, because she was too concerned that the girls would go too fast and she couldn’t ride that fast. She did just fine. Camryn and Lauren invited a couple of their friends and we had a good time. Here are a couple of pics from the hunt.

Later Saturday afternoon we had all of Ric’s family come over for a bar-b-que. The kids swam (the pool was a little chilly, but nobody minded). The kids made bunny cakes, looked for eggs hidden in the front yard and had a great time hanging out with all of their cousins. After eveyone had left Ric’s brother, his wife and daughter stayed the night. The kids had already colored eggs Friday, but we decided to color more eggs, and did that late Saturday night.
Here’s a cute picture of egg coloring.

Sunday was a great day. We went to church and you could definitely feel the spirit. I loved the talks. After church we hooked up with Ric’s sister at her house for dinner with everyone again. My sister-in-law had to be back home to work Monday, so Oma, Andy, Nicole and her kids all left right after dinner. Sad. We really had a great time with them and the kids coming to visit. Hope that we can do this again.

Aidrin had a recital on Friday the 28th. It was fun. All the classes had their recitals at the same time and place. Aidrin performed on a stage in front of a packed house. Aidrin’s class was the first to perform, so we left after her performance and went to Chili’s for dinner. I had a couple of free coupons for the Chili smokehouse burgers. So Ric and I thought we’d try them out. The burger was really good, but it was too big. I could hardly get my mouth around it to have a bite. The bacon on the burgers was amazing. Best bacon I’ve ever had. I would recommend the burger to anyone who wants to try them out. Here is a picture of Aidrin at her recital. I guess I forgot to wash her face before we left. She has an orange mustache.

Here are some of my recent layouts for some challenges that I did at Snap and Scrap:

Credits available at my gallery at snap and scrap.


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