Well done girls!

Posted: March 13, 2008 in My Layouts

Wow, a lot has happened since I last wrote. I can’t remember everything. It’s been a very emotional and exhausting week. We are all suffering from very bad allergies this year. Ric was the only one not having a problem, and then last night he started to get the sniffles.

Terran’s grades are still not the greatest. At this point she has a C in Japanese, C- in Honors Math, C- in Beg Theatre, B- in Honor English, D- in Honors Lab Biology, and a C- in Business Tech. I guess at least she’s passing all her classes. One thing that she does have going for her is that she has an A in Seminary (doesn’t take after her parents) and has only missed one day. She would have had 100% attendance if she would have let her teacher know that she wasn’t able to attend class due to an excused absence for a school activity. She looks like she will be getting the Stake Presidents Honor Award for this year. I’m happy that at least she met one goal that I asked her to do at the beginning of the school year.

Camryn is still going strong on her goal to get an academic award for this year from the school district. The district honors all students that have had all A’s and one B throughout the school year with an award and a dinner. At this point she has an A in Reading, A in Social Studies, A in Science, A+ in ALP Math, and an A- in ALP Language Arts.

Lauren is also doing excellent in school. She has an A in Math facts, B in reading, A in writing, A in math, and a B in social studies.

Well done girls!

Camryn and Lauren also tried again to bake on Tuesday(see baking cookies story). This time they made brownies. Dad did some serious supervising. The brownies came out excellent, and it’s a good thing they were good, since Camryn took some to school for a special party that her class was having, because of the class exceeding all the AR goals for the quarter.

Tomorrow is a half day for the girls, then next week is Spring Break. Ric is also taking a few days off work. So we’re going to party! Well, probably not. We are boring. But, it will be nice not to have to get up at 6:30 am and take Terran to A hour.

Here are some of the latest pages that I have done:
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Gotta Pixel blueprint. I actually really like how this came out.

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Gotta Pixel sweet 16 challenge

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