Beautiful day in the neighborhood

Posted: February 27, 2008 in My Layouts

It is so nice outside! I love this weather. It’s warm. Everything is growing. Even the cactus will be blooming soon. Life is great.

There is so much going on that I can’t believe that I haven’t posted since last Thursday. I can’t even remember everything that has happened since then. For that reason is exactly why I’m trying to keep up on this blog. I need to remember and not forget.

Terran has been on a weird schedule for school. Today and yesterday she didn’t have to go to school until 10:30 am. The school is having aims testing. Since she is a freshman she didn’t have to take aims this year. The real aims testing starts for sophomores. If you pass your sophomore year, you are done. If you want to get a better score, you can keep taking it through your senior year.

Terran was able to go to a Japanese festival with 7 other students from her Japan Club on Friday. Terran and the others were there to do some service projects. Everyone spoke Japanese to them, so they were able to try and use the language skills that they had learned to date. Terran was the only one that was in Japanese 1. All the others were in 2 or 3. She really enjoyed going. She even enjoyed the rain (outside event). It rained and rained all day. Sometimes, I wonder where am I? Are we back in Seattle?

The other day Aidrin went upstairs. I guess that Lauren had put away her toys that were in the doll house. She called it setting up her house. She came down the stairs sobbing that this was the worst day of her life. What a drama girl. Later that day, Ric started taking down the playhouse out in the yard. (It’s old and leaning) She saw that her dad was taking it apart and was crying that it was again the worst day of her life. “My play house. My play house.” It was just funny to hear a four year old state that they are having the worst day of their life.

Last night and tonight we are having The Stake Cultural Presentation (aka – non road show). We took the girls last night to see the show. Terran was in the first show. Heigh Ho Heigh Ho, It’s good works that we know. Our ward did a great job. I couldn’t believe how great all the wards were. They were all amazing. Some were so clever and funny. It was a great night. Terran and I are going again tonight. Not sure if Ric and the other girls are going. It was kind of a long night. Girls didn’t get to bed until 10pm.

I’ve been trying to get some scrapbook challenges done before the end of the month. This is what I have done recently at Snap and Scrap:

Used items by Teri Hanson, MGL, My Angel236, Amanda Kay, & Can Designs.

Kit Naturally Happy by Erica Zane

Kit by Veronica Hurley

Used Kit Spring Flurry by Lindsay Jane.

Did this layout for the Gotta be quick challenge at Gotta Pixel. Kit by Sarah Meyer

I made my own paper with a brush by Stephanie Shimerdla for this challenge. I also used frames by Kim B and the bow is by Ashlee Wall.

This was for the Add it on Challenge, Used items by Kim B, Booland Designs, Choas Lounge, Mari Koegdenberg, Sara Myer, Jeni Cantril, & Sherry Ferguson. This challenge we had to use all the items on a list. It was kind of hard. I don’t usually use shoes on my layouts.

  1. SarahB says:

    What lovely layouts!

  2. grambie says:

    I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed reading and viewing all the above beautiful and so warm in spirit page layouts. Your children are just two sweet darlings and their photos let their sun shine through. I thank you again for your participation in the SAS Color Challenge. So nice to meet you!!

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