A Great Day

Posted: February 19, 2008 in My Layouts

Yeah! Finally was able to go to my body step class today. I pulled weeds yesterday afternoon and woke up this morning with extremely sore hamstrings. I thought to myself, that’s not good. I will probably be so sore tomorrow, that I won’t be able to walk. I feel so much better that I went to my class. I have a lot more energy. I saw a lot of people I knew, and Aidrin was able to go and play with friends at the gym daycare. What a great morning!

Saturday I took Camryn and Aidrin to the mall and they bought webkinz (sp?). Camryn bought a Siamese cat, Aidrin bought a pink pony, and Camryn bought a little white cat for Lauren. Lauren was at a Valentines party, so was not able to go with. It was so thoughtful that Camryn and Aidrin were able to remember Lauren. (I’ll have to remember this moment when they are hitting and screaming at each other). Ric was able to go to a hockey game with some friends from work. He seem to enjoy the game, and even stated that he could become a hockey fan. Everyone was sick Sunday. We all stayed home from church. Yesterday was a school holiday and the girls spent the day on all the computers playing Webkinz. Lauren was on the computer talking on the phone (for hours) to her friend Christy while they both were in each others webkinz room.

I checked out the garden yesterday and found a garden full of lettuce and spinach. I guess with all the rain and cooler weather the plants are happy.


green leaf lettuce


Another out of bounds layout for Scrappers Guide – Aneta Branch kit Sweet Valentine

Color Challenge I did for 3Scrapateers – kits by Kimberly Stewart Lover Boy & Vicki Stegall Rockon

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